Redesigning the homepage and improving the UX of a content marketing platform.


UX/UI Designer


2 months


User interface, Graphic design, High-fidelity mocks
Featured image of the project


Ghostit is a content marketing agency based in Victoria, BC. At the time of the project, the products and services offered by the company could be divided into two categories. The first category included all agency services related to creating, distributing, and promoting marketing content. The second category consisted of a web application allowing companies to plan and schedule publications on various social networks.

As part of contractual work, the company gave me the mandate to redesign their website and improve their web application’s user experience. They already had conducted interviews with users that allowed them to identify specific opportunities to improve their platform. The objective was then, in the first place, to find strategies to better communicate the various services offered by the agency and the benefits of its digital platform. In the second place, the interfaces had to be improved based on the findings discovered during the user interviews.

Problem Statement

“User interviews identified certain shortcomings in the interfaces of the website, which impact the communication of products and services offered by the company. How can the interfaces be improved to convey the company’s unique value proposition and enhance its user experience?”


1 | User interviews analysis

Since the company had already conducted several interviews with its users, the project’s first step was to analyze the results of these interviews. The findings of this research made it possible to identify specific parts of the interfaces that users less well understood.
Illustration of the design process

2 | Sketching

Based on the findings discovered in the previous step, sketches were created to redesign the website and improve the web application. The new website was designed to integrate the company’s brand identity.
Illustration of the design process

3 | High-fidelity mocks

Concept sketches were developed into high-fidelity mocks after validating them with the organization. In addition, illustrations were first drawn by hand and then edited in Adobe Illustrator.
Illustration of the design process



The concept for the creation of the illustrations was inspired by the company’s mascot, represented by a ghost. This reference made it possible to implement a form of visual storytelling through the website in an original and playful way.
Illustration creation process
Illustration creation process
Illustration creation process


The new homepage was designed to highlight the platform’s benefits, which was a central element of the company’s offer. In addition, the content and the visual language were designed to be consistent with the organization’s brand identity.
Ghostit homepage

Agency page

The page describing services offered by the company’s agency was also updated. Specific UI strategies were used to avoid information overload. In addition, illustrations were created to lighten the page’s content visually.
Ghostit agency page


The project was well received and appreciated by the stakeholders. They were invested throughout the design process and showed great enthusiasm and openness to the proposed ideas. The new visual language was particularly appreciated for its ability to communicate essential elements of the company’s products and services. Some project findings include:
  • Working closely with stakeholders establishes a climate of trust within the team more quickly;
  • Branding can be an interesting source of inspiration to unify the visual language of a company’s website;
  • Integrating various forms of storytelling into interfaces, including visuals, is an excellent way to communicate essential information.